The Game  

About the Game of Croquet

Croquet is a ballgame where the player must hit his/her ball through a hoop, using a mallet. Each hoop successfully navigated earns a point. Singles or doubles play, there are four balls on the lawn at any one time. There are six hoops - which are negotiated through twice - plus a peg which is the final scoring opportunity. The game combines physical and strategic aspects - one without the other often leads to a lot of frustration!

There are a number of different forms of the game played; traditionally Association Croquet held sway for more than a century. It is a more complex game to learn and play is of longer duration, but wonderfully rewarding when all goes well.

A more recent form of the game - Golf Croquet - is gaining in popularity both here and overseas; easier to pick up, good for those with more limited time or physical ability but has its own quirks and foibles. It is a game in and of itself but can also be used as a 'stepping stone' on to the longer version of the game.

 The Rules and concept of Croquet