Golf Croquet  

A straightforward game for young and old, providing players of both genders with gentle exercise in a competitive environment. A game usually takes about 45 minutes to complete and involves striking one of four balls with a mallet, in sequence, round six hoops clockwise, and a further six anticlockwise. Only one ball has to go through each hoop, gaining the player or team one point. The game may be played between two players playing two balls each, or four players each playing one. Beginners gain as much fun from the mistakes made by their opponents, as more experienced players obtain from their own accuracy and strategic thinking. A handicapping system ensures that the good and the not so good may successfully play together.  Handicaps now range from 16 to -6, there are only a handful of players in the world with handicaps of -6, one of them, Felix Webby, world number 2, is a Kiwi. Most players are in the range 12 to 8, where 12 is a beginner and 8 is a competent club player.

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