Club History  

History of North Shore Croquet Club.
The word 'Croquet' seems first to have been applied to a game that became popular in England during the 1860's. It likely evolved from the more ancient game of Pall Mall, played in England during the 18th Century, having been imported from France where Pelle Melle was played on the beaches of Brittany. That said, the Irish also claim to have been the inventors of croquet, and there
is some evidence to support the suggestion.

Although North Shore Croquet Club, in its current form, was established in 1905, its origins go back to 1886, making it one of NZ's oldest. There are many photographs of its early years around the clubhouse walls, of which two are in our photo gallery on this website. Back then in New Zealand, croquet was essentially a game for ladies, who played Association Croquet and dressed the part. Golf Croquet is a relatively modern game, and is rapidly gaining in popularity worldwide.  At club level Golf Croquet players do not generally wear 'whites': at NSCC few players of either discipline wear 'whites' these days, though some still do.